Monday, February 12, 2018

Chasseurs Brittaniques, Revisited: A Reading List

Dear Readers, 
Today we have a follow up guest post from Le Chevalier de Valois, on his Chasseurs Brittaniques project. 

Mt. Angel Public Library had a Summer Reading program. I figured this was a good time to do some reading in support of my Chasseurs Brittaniques project.

This is not my entire summer reading list, just the ones that pertain in someway to the Chasseurs specifically or British light infantry in general.

Bianchi, Didier French Military Small Arms
Chartrand, Rene Spanish Guerillas in the Peninsular War 1808-14
Field, Andrew W. Talavera: Wellington's First Victory in Spain
Field, Andrew W. Prelude to Waterloo: Quatre Bras: The French Perspective
Field, Andrew W. Waterloo: The French Perspective
Fosten, Bryan Wellington's Infantry (2)
Griffith, Paddy French Napoleonic Infantry Tactics 1792-1815
Haythornwaite, Philip British Napoleonic Infantry Tactics 1792-1815
Haythornwaite, Philip British Light Infantry & Rifle Tactics of the Napoleonic Wars
Nichols, Alistair Wellington's Mongrel Regiment
Rosworth, Charles The Arte of Defence on Foot, with the Broadsword and Sabre
Wilkinson, Frederick Antique Firearms
Wilkinson-Latham, Robert and Christopher A Blandford Encyclopedia in Colour: Infantry Uniforms

For Chasseurs Brittaniques research Wellington's Mongrel Regiment is a must read. The British Light Infantry & Rifle Tactics was very well written with excellent pictures and diagrams.

~Le Chevalier.

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