Sunday, February 11, 2018

Chasseurs Brittaniques, Revisted.

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Today we have a guest post from Le Chevalier de Valois.   You may read Part one of the Chasseurs Brittaniques series here.

Several years ago I became interested in the Chasseurs Brittaniques after researching the Armée de Condé for a 1790's impression. The Armée de Condé was one of several royalist counter revolutionary forces opposing the French Revoulution. By 1800 the Armée de Condé was under Russian pay and in 1801 switched to British pay and was renamed the Chasseurs Brittaniques.

The Chasseurs were intended to be light infantry, but when they were issued redcoats in 1803 they were equipped as a line regiment.
The differences in line vs. light equipment include some uniform differences and differences in how the companies are laid out.

As part of my blackpowder shooting pursuits I want to have a proper uniform to go with each of my military guns. I have a replica British Baker rifle and wanted to do a uniform, but not the 60th or 95th Rifles. I came across a variety of pictures that showed Chasseurs equipped with Bakers and with black straps/belts. That seemed odd given that they were equipped as a line regiment. However, in 1812 two companies were added to the Chasseurs, both of these were equipped as light infantry (somewhant oddly with black straps/belts) and some of them were equipped with Baker Rifles.

So I had started pursuing a Chasseurs uniform several years ago. I already had the Baker Rifle kit and am still improving it. I purchased a shako and fitted it for light infantry. Then I lost momentum and the project was shelved.

Fast forward to May of this year. A new Chasseurs Brittaniques reenactment group appeared on Facebook. They are based out of France and were doing straight Napoleonic British reenactment and decided that since they were French they ought to do Chasseurs. There are five of them. We started talking and I got motivated again. I want to do the Light Infantry uniform with my Baker, so I will be 11th Company. Now I have purchased hand made replica buttons from a craftsman in Italy and am awaiting my uniform from another craftsman in Australia. The French Chasseurs have already nicknamed me Private AmNord ("AmNord" is a French contraction for "Amérique du Nord" aka North America).

~Le Chevalier. 

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